Thriving Gluten Free

Thriving Gluten Free

Welcome to Thriving Gluten Free!

My name is Calli McPherson and I am excited to be here with you.  You guessed it, this blog is about living gluten free.  The ups, the downs, the frustrations and of course thriving while being gluten free.  

What makes me qualified to write this blog?  I have been on my own gluten free journey for almost 6 years now after being diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2018.  Living with Celiac has been a real journey.  I have weeks when I am on top of the world, feeling great and others where I am overwhelmed by the never ending nature of the disease.

In addition to being an auto-immune warrior, I am also a mom, a wife and a dog mom.  I am an entrepreneur, thankful each day that I get to run a business that I love.  I am a major foodie, constantly thinking about my next meal.  I am passionate about the things and people that are important to me.  

I am excited to have you here with me. I am looking forward to sharing more about my story, my life as a mom with Celiac and everything gluten free.  

I can’t wait for us all to THRIVE together!


- Calli

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